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The zLogg z1Lcd is an extremely accurate single-use data logger for temperature, with a detailed, multi-screen display. In addition to things like current date and time, serial number, firmware version, battery power, etc... the display also shows you information on logging interval, how it starts (manual, time, temperature) and stops (period, time or manual), start delay, running or stopped state, various alarm levels and alarm states, minimum, maximum, average and Mean Kinetic Temperature, etc  all by a simple click of the button.

Once plugged into the USB port, the logger works like a USB stick that holds the automatically generated ZLG, TXT, CSV and PDF files. No zLogg software needed.

Where other suppliers choose to accompany their loggers with a basic manufacturers certificate, mentioning specifications based on theoretical calculations and prefabrication tests, every zLogg z1 can be individually calibrated before it leaves our lab. Its unique, traceable calibration certificate can be found 'in the cloud' by clicking a link on the PDF generated by the logger.

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  • Extremely accurate over its whole measuring range
  • Ultra fine resolution of 0.01°C
  • Online calibration certicate direct from link in PDF
  • Auto-generated PDF build in
  • Customizable PDF reports
  • Auto-generated CSV and TXT reports
  • Multi-screen display
  • One-click information of most trip parameters
  • Extra large memory (>20.000 records)
  • Mark Readings
  • Multi configurable, visual alarms
  • Supports Windows/MacOSX/Linux
  • Upgrade firmware with USB connection
  • Free zLoggManager Software

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Order code: z1Lcd

Logger type: Single-use Temperature Data Logger

Sensor: Thermistor (internal)

Memory: >20.000 records

Operating temperature: -40 °C ~ +80 °C (-40°F ~ +176°F)

Temperature measuring range: -40 °C ~ +80 °C (-40°F ~ +176°F)

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3°C over the complete measuring range

Temperature resolution:  0.01°C

Time accuracy: ±15 minutes per year

Buttons: 2, Start & Stop

Start Options:
Manual start with or without delay
Auto Start on date and time
Auto Start on set temperature with or without delay

Stop Options:
Auto Stop after a set period
Auto Stop on date and time
Manual Stop

Mark Readings: 8x

Log Interval: 1 minute to 24 hours

Alarms: 4, total and/or consecutive

Sensor Response Time: better than 7 minutes (T90) in moving air.

Battery: CR2032, 3V Lithium button cell (not replaceable)

Display: LCD reflective, 30 x 17mm

Connection/Interface: Direct to computer/USB Mass Storage Device

Auto Generated Files: ZLG, TXT, CSV, PDF (in all supported languages)

Export File Types: ZLG, TXT, CSV PDF

Software Support: zLoggManager

Compatibility: Windows, MacOSX, Linux

Calibration: individual calibration certificate per logger

Certificates: CE, RoHS

Dimensions: 106 x 47 x 7 mm

Weight: 17 gr.

Housing: Plastic sleeve (FDA approved PE)

Protection Class: IP67

Warranty: 1 year

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